Useful information for parents and players



We are regularly asked questions by parents when booking paintball and laser tag events for their children and we hope this information answers some of your questions.

What are the age restrictions?

For paintball all players must be 12 years old - 11 year olds can play if they are in year 7 at school. (Secondary school).

For standard laser tag players must be 9 years old - 8 year olds can play if they are attending a 9th birthday party

For mini laser tag players must be a minimum 6 years old.

Is this age limit flexible?

The simple answer is NO as these age limits are set by our insurers - players under these ages are not insured and therefore can't play.

Do players have to sign a game consent form?

All players will have to complete a game consent form prior to playing and players under 16 years old will have to have the form countersigned by an adult (parent, guardian or event organiser) These forms are a condition of our insurance and the game consent form highlights the risks involved in playing paintball and laser tag. It is not a waiver as per some venues. If you would like to arrange for the forms to be completed prior to attending the event they can be downloaded on the download page

Do I have to play?

No, you don't have to play but at least one parent per group or the person arranging the event has to attend the safety briefing at the start of the event. If an adult cannot be present for the briefing, players will NOT be allowed to play. All players have to attend the briefing as this is an essential part of the activity where all the safety and game information is explained to the participants. We do encourage parents and adults to play as it is part of the fun to be able to "shoot" your parents at both laser tag and paintball.

Do I have to stay on site?

Where a party comprises of players under the age of 14 we strongly recommend that a responsible adult remains on site throughout the course of the event. The adult can play or watch. If players are playing paintball then the adult must adhere to ALL safety rules as per the safety briefing. All events are fully supervised by trained staff but ideally it is preferable for a parent or the event organiser to be in the game area watching the activity.

What should players wear?

All players are supplied with camouflage coveralls as well as other safety equipment depending on the event, but we also suggest that players wear old clothing (The "paint" in paintballs does wash off clothes) as well as boots with ankle support as you are playing in natural woodland with all the inherent hazards. We suggest players who are playing paintball bring gloves to wear. Remember when playing paintball, players can sustain bruises.

What happens if my child removes their mask during paintball?

If a player is shot in the eye they could potentially lose their eye sight so we are very strict on mask lifts - If a player lifts a mask once they will receive a warning and miss the next game - If the player does it again they will be asked to stop playing and wait until the rest of the group has completed the session. This rule is not negotiable and excluded players will receive no refund of game fees.

Can I bring a picnic?

Paintball full day packages and Rambo laser tag packages include hot food which is supplied by outside caterers as there are no cooking facilities on site. You are welcome to bring sandwiches and drinks etc… for players who haven't booked food as part of a package. We also sell chocolate and hot/cold drinks on site

Will the junior players play with adult groups?

In the case of laser tag you are booking an exclusive session for your group so you will not be mixed with other players. With paintball we reserve the right to mix adults and juniors BUT we will not mix juniors (unless they come as part of the group) with stag parties.

You can download this Q&A as a .pdf on the download page

If you have any further questions please email them to or call 0845 130 6258 or 07973 692379 


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