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Outdoor Laser Tag events are organised by Operation Laser Tag at the Brighouse and Wakefield venues.  All our laser tag sessions are organised as private events so you are not mixed with other players. Booking is essential especially for weekend games.


 How does it differ from Paintball ? 

The are two main differences - The Equipment and No Bruises. 

Outdoor Laser Tag is not too different from indoor laser tag (Laser Quest or LaserZone) . The main difference is our events are outdoors in woodland, or at our purpose built arena, and players don't wear "vests" as all the technology is in the tagger (gun) and the head sets.

We are often asked if the lasers are safe? Real lasers are not used due to the hazards to players  they use harmless Infra Red beams the same type of beam used in television remote controllers.

The range required is much greater than a TV remote controller so better optics are used, and full sunlight required improvements in both sensor and IR emitters.  The sensors are on the tagger as well as on the hat worn by the players. 


laser tag hat


When playing paintball you can sustain bruises with laser tag you are not hit by a projectile just a harmless infra red beam therefore no chance of bruising - unless you fall in the woods. The game is safe and fully insured.  There is no need to wear a mask just camouflage coveralls and a hat.    


                        talon tagger   razor


The Games

Team and Solo Games

The two most common laser tag games are Team Games and Solo Missions. Both usually feature an unlimited amount of ammunition, and a pre-set number of lives. In a team game, teams are distinguished by different coloured LEDs. In solo missions, everyone is fair game for everyone else, though informal teams and packs are sometimes formed.

Elimination Games 

Elimination formats allow each player a limited number of lives, which are lost by being tagged, and may be played in team or solo variations. When a player has no more lives remaining, their game is over and they must leave the arena. The objective in a team elimination format is to be the last team with players still surviving. The game ends when only one team remains, or when time runs out. The objective in a solo elimination game is to be the only player left alive, and the game ends when only one player remains, or when time runs out.

 Specialty Games

Specialty games are games with complex rules, such as objective based games. We have "electronic game units" giving a whole new meaning to captuire the flag or destroy the missile base.
The range of specialty games is limited only by the capabilities of the players and the equipment.


Domination Game
Rocket Lauincher


At Operation Laser Tag we have

  • Rocket Launchers
  • Claymore Mine
  • Domination Units
  • Countdown to detonation unit  
  • Respawn units
  • Plus many more

Who can play at Operation Laser Tag?

Our standard Laser Tag is suitable for both men and women of all ages. It is ideal for juniors from the age of  9 years old*.

We now offer Mini Laser Tag using lighter weight taggers without head sets for players from 6 years old.

Mini Taggers


All players must be physically fit and able as the events are held in natural woodland. It is possible to hold events on level grass fields for players with mobility problems.

* Players who are 8 years old and in Year 4 at school can attend a 9 year old birthday party.


Laser Tag packages

Just like paintball we offer packages to cover all budgets. Birthday parties, school days out, company challenges, team building events, stag and hen parties can all be catered for at Operation Laser Tag as well as off site games.

We offer sessions from one hour to three hours as well as full day events.  Groups can be from 6 players upwards (minimum charge for groups of 10 or under apply).

With larger groups we will spilt the group into small 5-8 man teams who will compete "tournament style" this increases the fun and introduces a competitive element.


birthday party

Are there any hidden costs?

As paintball site operators Powerplay-Skirmish have always been open with our pricing policy and have no hidden cost . Operation Laser Tag operates the same policy. All packages include 

  • State of the art tagger weapon
  • A clean dry camouflage coverall
  • Cap/Bush hat
  • Unlimited ammunition (subject to game formats)
  • Fixed Costs per session

The only additional costs are hot and cold drinks, bars of chocolate and hot food if required - camouflage face paint is available to purchase. We can also supply "Birthday Bags" at a cost of £5/player. The birthday bags include a variety of items an example would be: 

  • Camo Torch
  • Ruler - Pencil - Rubber
  • Party mix sweets
  • All contained in a camo birthday bag

Adults can purchase smoke grenades for use on site to enhance games - under 18's are NOT allowed pyrotechnics.


smoke in the woods

What should I wear? 

As with paintball we supply a clean dry coverall to wear over your clothing. We would suggest you wear boots or sturdy footwear as all games are played in natural woodland. If you have gloves it is suggested you wear them (we do sell gloves on site). In case of inclement weather a change of footwear and possibly clothing is advisable, you don't want mud in the car from muddy boots.

What happens on arrival?

 When you arrive at the venue you will be asked to complete a game consent form, players under 16 must have their form counter signed by an adult. You will then be issued with a camouflage coverall.

There will then be a short safety and equipment induction talk. Players under 16 years old must have a parent/organiser attend this talk. After the talk you will then go to the playing area where your first "Mission" will commence.

Depending on the package booked you will play several "Missions" - the longer the time package the more games will be played.

At the end of the session you will have a de-brief and lunch if arranged. Parents are welcome to bring sandwiches and refreshment for birthday parties.


in the woods


How do I book? 

Contact the office on 01422 410069 or 01924 666904 and we can either take your booking over the telephone or send you an information pack and booking form. If you book over the phone you will need to give a credit card number to secure your booking - balance of payment can then be made on the day.

Payments on the day can be made with cash, cheque or most credit cards.


Where can I play?

 We currently offer two venues Brighouse and  Wakefield  

Paintball and Laser Tag

Full day packages are possible with half day paintball and half day laser tag with a hot lunch between the two activities

Laser Tag and Archery

At our Wakefield venue we now offer a full day package including laser tag and field archery. Lunch is included with this package.

off site games 

Off site games - fundraising events - Operation Laser Tag specialise in off site games

 Do you have 1 acre of woodland* or a field*  approx half the size of a football pitch? (ideal for corporate events at hotels or fundraising events)  e

If the answer is YES then we can come to you and run an event in your woodland or by using inflatable barricades on a grassy field.

Unlike paintball there is no need for an 100 mt exclusion zone, or 4 mt high netting and no mess to clear up after the event therefore laser tag is an ideal activity to raise funds for a project or school activities. Contact the office on 0845 130 6258 for details of our 50/50 packages deal.

Visit the Off- site Events page


School and College events

We can run an activity day at your school on your playing fields. Ideal for end of term events or reward days. For further information please use theEvent Enquiry Form or visit the School Activity Days page


Operation Laser Tag and Powerplay Paintball offer birthday parties, junior actvity days, school activity days, corporate events, scout groups, stag and hen parties, team building, incentive days out and great days out.

Powerplay Paintball and Operation Laser Tag have venues within easy reach of Brighouse, Wakefield, Barnsley, Leeds, Manchester, Rochdale, Halifax, Bradford, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Bury, Oldham and Rotherham

Operation Laser Tag and Powerplay Paintball offer outdoor laser tag games, off site laser tag, paintball events, airsoft and archery.

Powerplay Paintball is a  UKPSF accredited paintball venue