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Essential Information for Schools, Colleges, Youth Groups, Scout Groups and other organisations


Welcome to our access restricted page - This page contains essential documents required by schools, colleges, universities, youth groups and other organisations when organising paintball and laser tag activities.

The files are in a .pdf format 

Please note the "Risk Assessments" are for our business and contain information which may not be relevant to your event. Please extract the parts you require from our documentation.

A safety briefing is given to all participants and all players must sign a game consent form (to speed up the booking in please ask players to complete a form before they arrive at the venue)  - it is not a disclaimer or insurance waiver as per other companies

Prior to any event starting all players are given an induction and safety talk -attendance is compulsory.Copies of the safety briefing can be seen below.

** The laser tag insurance policy is in the name of Paintball Experience Ltd which is the company that organises the laser tag events


Location Maps

Brighouse venue - Click Here

Wakefield venue  - Click Here

Rochdale venue  - Click Here


Paintball Documents

Game Consent Forms  Click Here

Paintball Insurance Policy  - Click here

Paintball Risk Assessment*  -  Click here

Paintball Safety Talk  - Click Here

The TOMB shooting range instructions - Click Here

 Nerf Range supplement - Click here

 Laser Tag Documents (Also Airsoft and Archery Insurance)

Game Consent Forms - Click Here

Laser Tag Insurance Policy - Click here

Laser Tag Assessment*  -  Click here

Summary Risk Assessment - Click here

Laser Tag Safety Talk - Click Here

 Battlezone Archery Tag

 Risk Assessment  and Safety Briefing Click Here

Insurance Policy for Archery Tag Click here

 Exclusion Policy

At Powerplay Paintball, Battlezone Archery and Operation Laser Tag we treat safety as our TOP PRIORITY. If players break our rules they will be excluded from the event. I would suggest this document is printed and shown to all participants before they arrive at our venue.

At Powerplay Paintball and Paintball Experience we operate a ZERO Tolerance policy with regards to mask lifting at paintball events. If a player lifts or removes a mask in a game area they will miss the next game. If the player does it again then they will be asked to leave the site (no refunds) If THREE players in any group are asked to miss a game ALL the group will be asked to leave the venue.

Click Here to download the Exclusion Policy


General Documents

First Aid Cover  - Click Here  - All seniors staff will be attending a course in summer 2016

CRB Checks  - Click here

FAQ information  - Click Here note new age restrictions below

UKPSF Accreditation Certificate - Click Here 

Equal Opportunities Policy - Click Here

Safeguarding Policy - Click here

Training certificate - Click Here


What are the age restrictions?

For paintball all players must be 12 years old - 11 year olds can play if they are in year 7 at school. (Secondary school). Battlezone Archery tag operates the same restrictions as paintball games

Laser tag players must be 9 years old - 8 year olds can play if they are in year 4 at school. Players from 6-8 years old can play "Mini Tag"

MINI Laser tag is from age 6 to 8 years old

Is this age limit flexible?

The simple answer is NO as these age limits are set by our insurers - players under these ages are not insured and therefore can't play.

 Contact Information

Powerplay Paintball  - 0845 130 6258 or 01422 410069 - 01924 666904

Operation Laser Tag - 0845 130 6258 or 01422 410069 - 01924 666904

Mobile Number 07973 692379

Powerplay Paintbal

Operation Laser Tag - 

Information supplied on this page is constantly under review